Tilted horizon line, vertical perspective, fisheye effect: 3 optical distortion to correct in photo

Have you ever been disturbed by a slightly leaning photo? Or by the feeling that buildings seem to fall backwards or to the side? Or by the curved deformation of a photo made with a GoPro camera? What you feel is the effects of optical distortions that change the geometry of your photo.

I will share with you the 3 major optical distortions that impact your emotions and how to control them:

  1. The leaning horizon line
  2. The imbalance of the vertical perspective
  3. The curved deformation of the fisheye effect

Before We Begin

Succeeding in making remarkable photos means successfully capturing and sharing emotions in your photos. Focused on the theory of emotions, I designed a 6-step method for learning photography first with what you feel. Development is the 5th step to achieve, and geometry correction of optical distortions is one of the 6 essential development techniques to be known in photography.

Photo Development: the 5th level of the creative photography pyramid to share your emotions in picture
The Development is the 5th level of my creative pyramid to share ones emotions in photography, once having mastered the capture of the Subject, the Shooting, the Composition and the Light © Amaury Descours

1. The Leaning Horizon Line

The Horizon Line and Emotions: Why Straighten Your Photo

Unless you are looking for a particular composition, a leaning picture is often unintentional. The horizon line is then leaning to the left or right. Without being a true optical distortion per se, this framing problem unconsciously causes an emotional reaction that can be harmful to your photo. Read more

2. The Imbalance Of The Vertical Perspective

The Vertical Perspective And Your Emotions: Why Correct The Verticals Of Your Photo

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you lift the nose of your lens, your photo shows you a building ready to fall to the side or topple? Yet when you take your eyes off your screen or viewfinder, everything is right for you. This phenomenon of optical distortion is the vertical perspective. And this optical oddity can engender emotional counter-senses. Read more

3. The Curved Deformation Of The Fisheye Effect

The Fisheye Effect And Emotions: Why Correct The Distortion Of Your Photo

If you have a very wide angle lens or simply a GoPro action camera, you get distorted pictures with rounded lines. This is the famous optical distortion called “fisheye” effect. Like anything out of the ordinary, this effect causes emotions. And they can serve or harm your emotions that you have sought to capture and share in your photo. Read more

Let’s Go On Together!

Learn how to photograph with my 6-step method to make your photos first with your emotions. An intuitive approach that focus on what you are feeling, before considering any tools and techniques!

Then understand why development in photography is essential in the expression of your emotions and explore the different development techniques:

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