Where to start for being creative with your emotions? Here are my essential posts for you.

The Fundamentals

Remembering Emotions: Why We Actually Take Photos

Do you really know why you are photographing? Why is it essential to answer this question to be a better photographer? Read more

The 8 Fundamental Emotions that Will Transform Your Shots into Remarkable Photos

Making successful photos requires knowing the power of emotions. But what are exactly emotions? How could leverage emotions into your photos? Read more

The Method for Being a Better Photographer Thanks to Your Emotions

Push back the hype and confusion of technic. Master the power of emotions for learning photography in a new and faster way. Here is my easy learning 6-step method. Read more

Step #1: The Subject

The Subject, The Emotional Cornerstone of Your Photo

Without subject, there's no photo. It sounds so obvious that actually most beginner photographers just totally miss it. But choosing the right subject is only the beginning, you have also to capture all your emotions in front of your subject. What is the relationship between your subject and your emotions? How can you capture all your emotions in your photo? Read more

Step #2: The Shooting

Knowing The True 6 Shooting Techniques That Reveal Your Emotions

Your camera is overwhelmed by buttons, settings and parameters. And reading its user manual is as inspiring as sinking rather than enlighting you. But do you know that only 6 shooting techniques with your camera are truly creative for capturing emotions? Read more

Step #3: The Composition

The Art of Putting Your Subject in the Frame

How does the composition of your photo create a scene thanks to your point of view? How can you find the right composition that matches your emotions in front of your subject? Read more

Step #4: The Light

The Multiple Aspects of Light that Shape Your Emotions

Light is of unsuspected complexity. Discover the 6 aspects of light and learn how each of them provokes emotions for you. Read more

Step #5: The Development

Developing is About Exalting Your Emotions

The photo development is the necessary step to exalt the emotions you've captured at shooting. What are the key development technics to remain true to your subject, but push the full intensity of your emotions? Read more

Step #6: The Presentation

Photo Presentation, the Ultimate Step Too Often Neglected

In your digital era, a photo all too often stays confined on a smartphone screen. Discover how to finish giving the emotional power of your photo with the proper presentation: printing and framing your photo. Read more (soon)