Is the Smartphone Your Less Considered Camera?

Have you ever encountered any of the following frustrations:

  • Your photos are sometimes oddly blurry like vaporous
  • Your photos are always framed the same way and lack inspiration
  • Your portrait photos give unpleasant faces to look at
  • Your scene to be photographed is too large to fit into the picture
  • Your close-ups give photos with a mosaic effect
  • Your photos are too grainy and parasitized by colored dots
  • Your photos have white areas having lost any detail
  • Your photos are too blue or too orange
  • Your photos are too dark
  • Your photos are blurry
  • Your photos missed the right time
  • Your pictures do not look like to be at the level of your compact, bridge or DSLR camera

Millions of people suffer from these problems without knowing how to solve them, convinced that one can not take beautiful pictures with a smartphone. They are wrong!

I propose here to tamer your smartphone and not fall into the traps of mobile photography. Become a real photographer with your smartphone!

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